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Welcome to the danger zone, step into the fantasy

Dad wanted to call me {Michael}

Mom wanted to call me {Angelo}

~Therefore, stuck with the longest first name ever~

{Pennsylvania} ~Sucks~

{19} ~20 in July~

{Filipino} ~I guess it's rare to have a Filipino born here but be able to speak Tagalog fluently. It's just second nature to me~

{DJ} ~"You are now rocking with DJ MikeGabat"~

{Rapper/Lyricist} ~All the music on this page are my own tracks or remakes~

{Sigma Pi} ~Is my LIFE~

{Gym, Gym, Gym} ~7 Days a week~

"Live life to the fullest so when death does occur, you will have nothing to regret"


Hey everyone, watch my graduation speech! I PROMISE you, you won’t regret it.

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Amazing reviews from so many people and I thank everyone who has supported me. 4 years later and i’m finally finished. I love you all! 


Me and my brother @therealreanaissanceman made a song today! Goodnight to everyone :)

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been busy with school and my mix tape. Show your love. IT feels good to be back 

Sorry for not posting on this for a while but just as an update, I will be performing with Color Me Bad and All for One in October and BOYZ II MEN in November. Thank you to all who have supported and follow me. I love you all!


And a kiss to all my followers. Female of course lol.


And a kiss to all my followers. Female of course lol.

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who will love them whole heartedly and never ever question the bond and relationship that they share. A girl should be treated in a way that the thought of losing her will totally destroy the guy emotionally. A girl should be complimented in a way that is not annoying but a way in which every single word will not be taken for granted and will put a smile on her face. I am that guy. Where is she? 

Anonymous said: you are not asian. you dont dress act or have hobbies like asians do.

OUCH. no i dont dress like other asians. no i dont rock fitteds and dunks and obey. i wear express, guess, fcuk, roar, and affliction. i don’t understand how that makes me less of an asian. sorry that i dont  conform to asian society. hate me. i dont care :)